Electric Outboard Motors Repair Cairns

Electric outboard motors are preferred by many boat owners for their low-noise operation, easy maintenance, and battery-based mechanism. Whether you are using an electric boat for business or family recreation, a faulty motor could lead to accidents, or loss of business opportunities.

Fixing these issues at the earliest is crucial, but getting them addressed efficiently is most important. With 15+ years of experience in outboard maintenance, Dennis’ Mobile Marine Services is best qualified to provide reliable electric outboard motors repair in Cairns.

We are a Mobile Service

Electric Outboard Motors Repair CairnsAs an outboard service operating on wheels, we can be where you want us to be. Operating as a mobile electric outboard motors repair service in Cairns lowers our overhead costs, which means you’ll be able to avail our services at lower rates.

We are a time-bound electric outboard motors repair service in Cairns. Our business is well-equipped with all essential facilities, including a well-maintained vehicle, to deliver a timely service.

Trusted Expertise

Our extensive knowledge of electric boat motors and practical experience enable us to provide repair and maintenance of the highest standards. For best results, we consider manufacturer’s specifications and apply resolution techniques accordingly.

This method prevents existing problem from developing into more serious and expensive issues in future.

Reliable Customer Service

We are well-known for our excellent rapport with customers. Our clients vouch for our punctuality, cordial on-site behaviour, quick response to enquiries, and adherence to service quality, rates, and deadlines, as promised.

We have had customers with issues arising before a vacation, and had them addressed quickly with the best results.

Our mode of working is transparent too. We work in front of you, and welcome any kind of enquiries and questions from you regarding the problem at hand. Our clients find our dedicated follow-up and after-service advice extremely valuable.

Contact Us

We work on all models of electric outboard motors. Call us at 0450 781 101 for more about our electric outboard motor repair services.