Mobile Marine Mechanic

With summer around the corner, you may be planning a boat trip. But, is your boat ready for it? If you have not maintained your boat for quite some time, it would be best to call in a mobile marine mechanic to get it in a fine and safe working condition before use.

With Dennis Mobile Marine Services, you can have a highly qualified and experienced mobile marine mechanic for the job, at your doorstep! We don’t charge you anything extra for the mobile service!

Our mobile marine mechanic services are available throughout North Queensland, from Gordonvale to Daintree.

Apart from regular maintenance from a qualified outboard mechanic, there are other ways to ensure that your boat stays good for a long time:

Get your Boat Out

Salt in air and variations in temperature can damage boat’s rubber parts such as hoses. Fuel can lose its integrity, and exposure to moisture can corrode metal parts, and damage the electrical components within.

Dennis' Mobile Marine Mechanic CairnsIf the boat was left unused during spring, you need to get it out and set these basic things right first.

Get professional help from a qualified technician. The service will run a preliminary test to know what’s right and not with your boat. This includes a compression test, and testing of various components including belts, fluids, cables, electrical systems, spark plugs, water pump, lubricant, and warning systems.

Go for an Engine Tune-Up

Whether it is new or old, engine job requires an expert. A professional service comes with the expertise and equipment to get your engine up and running smoothly.

Check for Safety Gear Efficiency

All safety equipment onboard, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, anchor, distress flag and working horn, needs to be checked for efficient functioning. Ensure that you have onboard all safety gear as required by your local safety regulations.

Make your onboard experience safe and exciting this summer!

Mobile Outboard Mechanic Cairns

It is important that testing and maintenance are carried in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. Dennis Mobile Marine Services is qualified and experienced to work with boats of any make and model, which means complete peace of mind for you.

Give us a call today and let us help you with your outboard motor repair and maintenance. Call 0450 781 101 or fill out the enquiry form below and we will contact you shortly.