Mobile Outboard Mechanic

With regular maintenance, you can prevent many boat problems that can otherwise turn expensive. Consider hiring a professional mobile outboard mechanic for maintaining your boat to save time and get an expert job done.

As a mobile outboard mechanic, Dennis Mobile Marine Services offers expert boat maintenance service at your doorstep! You do not have to pay extra for the mobile service.

With 15 years of experience and several satisfied customers, our mobile outboard mechanic service is highly qualified and well-equipped to handle boat maintenance and repairs of any scale and complexity.

While hiring a professional service is a stress-free and affordable option, here are some tips to help with outboard motor maintenance.

Clean your Boat

Wash your boat well after every use. It should be regularly washed even if not in use. Use a boat-cleaning brush and a good boat-wash for the purpose.

Dennis' Mobile Outboard Mechanic CairnsIf left uncleaned after use, the salt in water sticking to the boat can settle and corrode metal parts. If you are using a boat with a fiberglass hull, the gelcoat can get damaged following steady exposure to salt.

Even when not in use, cleaning is important to remove moisture, which can accumulate over time, from sources such as morning dew and scupper water.

Change Oil as Per Schedule

Oil schedule depends on boat model. Still, changing oil needs to be as regular as once in a year, or soon after your boat completes 100hrs of active use.

Changing oil requires experience. If you are new to the process, it is strongly recommended that you call in a professional.

Changing oil also requires special equipment such as an oil wrench, extractor pump, oil absorbing pad, and enough time to do the work in the right way.

Examine the Propeller

Check your propeller regularly for damages such as dents or nicks as they can force the boat to use excess fuel for operation. Left unchecked, the propeller can start vibrating during operation, which damages related components such as bearings.

With good maintenance, you can enhance your boat’s performance, save costs, and receive several great sails for several years.

Outboard Mechanic Cairns

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