Suzuki Outboard Repair

Wish to have a hassle free boating experience? All you need to do is undertake your Suzuki Outboard repair in the nick of time. And who better to do the job than Dennis’ Mobile Marine Services? We are a firm dedicated to making your boating dreams come true.

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Causes of Outboard Engine Deterioration

Your boat operates in a challenging marine environment and is susceptible to wear and tear. It is hence necessary to regularly maintain and repair your Suzuki outboard engine. Some of the causes of motor deterioration include

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High moisture
  • High RPM operation
  • High salt content of the water
  • Irregular or non usage of the boat

General Check- up and Maintenance

At Dennis’ Mobile Marine Services, we focus on Suzuki outboard repair and provide suggestions to keep your engine last for a longer period of time. You would need to concentrate on these areas:

  • Propeller
  • Power tilt and trim
  • Electrical system
  • Oil and fuel lines
  • Lower unit maintenance

Suzuki Outboard RepairIn addition to this, before you set sail look into:

  • Safety equipment
  • Maintenance supplies which includes the tool kit, spark plugs and spare wires
  • Bottom of the boat check

Upon return,

  • Flush and keep the boat dry
  • Coat with fogging oil during periods of inactivity
  • Grease lift straps
  • Check for wear and tear and undertake repairs immediately

Our Services

We offer one-of-a-kind, high quality services to maintain and set your outboard engine up and running whenever you need it. Being in the industry for around 15 years we have carved a niche for ourselves and specialise in the repair and maintenance of outboard engines. We handle premier brands and are well versed in what we do.

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